IP address is not only the management panel address of the wireless router,but also the IP address of the computer in the local area network(LAN).You can change the IP address in the management panel of the wireless router (The default IP address of router is or

What is the use of IP address
When the IP address is the management address of the router, you can manage the router through it.When it is the address of the computer, the computer can connect the internet in the local area network(LAN).

How to access the IP address
2.Enter your username and password,you will access it.
If you forget your username or password, you only need to visit Default router password list.If this article can’t help you, you can press the reset button to reset the router. is the IP address of the wireless router’s management panel,By accessing this IP address, you can manage the wireless router or modem.Most of the wireless router’s management IP address is

After logging in to the router management panel, you can change the IP address to

what can be done with the IP address

If you enter the IP address, you would have a full permissions on it. After accessing router’s management panel,you can change the settings and configurations that your router software provides. After accessing, Security Options, Network Management, IP QoS, DNS, proxy, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, ADSL, MAC, WPS block are adjustments that you can change. In this way, not only in the location of your modem, in the workplace, at school, at home, cafes and wherever you are, you can manage your internet easily.

How to login IP address?

It is very easy to login,enter the IP address in the browser address bar,enter username and password.If you have forgot your username or password,the article Default router password list will help you.

TP-Link wireless router default username password

TP-LINK is a company that is fully committed to developing its products, services and consumer relations through extensive R&D, strict Quality Assurance practices, and effective outreach initiatives.

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What is the default user name and password of the TP-LINK wireless router?
The default IP address of TP-LINK wireless router is
The default user name of TP-LINK router is admin,the default password is admin.

How many models of TP-LINK router are there?
Archer VR900,Archer D50,Archer D7,TD-W8961NB,TD-W8961ND,TD-W8968,TD-W8970,TD-W8970B,TD-W8980,TD-W8980B,TD-W9970,TD-W9980,TF-3200,TX-VG1530,TL-WA701ND,Archer C5,TL-R402M,TL-R460,TL-R860,TL-SF1005D,TL-SF1008D,Archer T1U,TL-WR845N,TL-WR940N,TD-8616,Archer T9UH,Archer VR200,TL-ANT2409CL,TL-SG1005D,TL-SG1008D,TL-SG105,TL-SG108,TL-WA801ND,TL-WA901ND,TL-WDN3200,TL-WDN3800,TL-WDN4200,TL-WDN4800,TL-WDR3500,TL-WDR3600,TL-WDR4300,TL-WN7200ND,TL-WN721N,TL-WN721NC,TL-WN722N,TL-WN722NC,TL-WN723N,TL-WN725N,TL-WN727N,TL-WN751N,TL-WN751ND,TL-WN781ND,TL-WN8200ND,TL-WN821N,TL-WN821NC,TL-WN822N,TL-WN823N,TL-WN851ND,TL-WN881ND,TL-WN951N,TL-WR1042ND,TL-WR1043ND,TL-WR702N,TL-WR710N,TL-WR720N,TL-WR740N,TL-WR741ND,TL-WR743ND,TL-WR802N,TL-WR810N,TL-WR840N,TL-WR841HP,TL-WR841N,TL-WR841ND,TL-WR842N,TL-WR842ND,TL-WR843N,TL-WR843ND,TL-WR941HP,TL-WR941ND,Touch P5,TX-6610,TF-3239DL,TG-3269,TG-3468,TL-ANT2405C,TL-ANT2405CL,TL-ANT2408C,TL-ANT2408CL,TL-EP110,TL-MR3020,TL-MR3040,TL-MR3220,TL-MR3420,TL-MR6400,AD7200,AP300,AP500,Archer C1200,Archer C20,Archer C20i,Archer C2600,Archer C3150,Archer C3200,Archer C50,Archer C5400,Archer C58,Archer C59,Archer C60,Archer C7,Archer C8,Archer C9,Archer CR700,Archer D2,Archer D20,Archer D5,Archer D7b,Archer D9,Archer MR200,Archer T2U,Archer T2UH,Archer T4U,Archer T4UH,Archer T6E,Archer T8E,Archer T9E,Archer VR2600,Archer VR600,Archer C2,TC-7610,TC-7620,TC-W7960,TD-8816,TD-8817,TD-8840T,TD-VG5612,TD-W8151N,TD-W8901N,TD-W8950N,TD-W8951ND,TD-W8960N,TD-W8961N